Canvas Prints

We turn your digital files into high quality custom canvases for your wall.

Canvases to meet Galleries and Museums longevity Requirements

Bruna Canvas 850x1000px
canvas edges


All artwork is prepared by Katie Bevan who has years of experience as a fine art printer and trade certified professional photographer. Katie has a high expectation of the product she delivers and an eagle eye for colour and detail.


Editing and design services are available at an additional cost. Editing services include object removal, colour correction, image manipulation and more.


Printed on Epson's 60" dedicated fine art printer for beautiful accurate and precise colour reproduction.


Printed with Epson's K3 and HDR ultrachrome ink technology that provides an extended gamut with superior colour accuracy and archival level image stability.


Printed onto Canson's 395gsm fine weave matte finish that is designed to meet Galleries and Museums longevity requirements with no Optical Brightening Agents (OBA's).


Every canvas is sealed with a UV liquid laminate that is a non-yellowing print varnish that has been developed to protect, preserve and enhance artwork.


All canvas frames are cut and joined onsite by our certified framer to ensure a sturdy high quality square frame that wont warp or buckle over time.


All canvases are stretched tight with neatly folded corners. We staple the canvas to the rear of the stretcher bar so staples are not visible. The exposed staples are sealed with a framers tape and bumpers are placed on the corners. A specialised framers cord is that attached so it's ready to hang right away.



Allow 5-10 working days locally. If you require shipping, allow a further 5-10 working days.Rush orders are available for an additional charge.

You can send your file via heepts:// to, use Dropbox or drop in a USB.

How to create my custom canvas?

A complete step by step guide to creating a custom canvas piece for your wall.

You have finally settled on your favorite photo and where to hang it, now your ready turn your image into a beautiful custom canvas. However, before you get started there are a few considerations to take into account. Don't worry though, most of this is what we are here for! It's all part of the service.

check your wall size


Before you order your canvas, it's a good idea to measure the space where you wish to hang your artwork. To determine how big you your custom canvas should be. Measure the wall space or if you are hanging your artwork above objects such as couches or buffets, use these to guide you. For example, if your buffet is 180cm wide, you may like  your canvas to be 170cm wide on the long side and "X" on the short side.

file size


After determining your canvas size, it’s time to place your order and the first thing we do is check the quality of your file for the size you wish to have it printed at. This will determine if we can print your image at the size you wish. We recommend having a few other file options in case your chosen image won't work at the size you desire.

aspect ratio


Quite often we see problems whereby you might want your rectangle image cropped to a square and in doing so you lose half of Aunt Betty’s face. Sometimes we can work photoshop miracles and adjust the image to fit the size you want without issue, but sometimes not. Your file really needs to be looked at to make a judgement call by our experts.

Highland Cow Photo On Canvas


How big do you want to go is the real question! But to break it down, the largest single custom canvas we can do is 140cm x 400cm. For split canvases or multiple canvases, they can be as big as you want. For example, you might have one image split over three canvases that are 125cm x 300cm each that complete an image 385cm x 300 cm overall size including a 5cm gap between each canvas.

colour correction


By default we do not colour correct images unless you instruct us to, because colour consistency is extremely important. However, If you would like your images colour corrected, our printers are trade certified photographers with a developed eye for colour and detail.

spot colouring


Don't let that photo bomber in the background or that strand of hair running across your subjects face hold you back from turning your image into an incredible artwork for your wall.  Kate is a photoshopping genius and can help whisk all those distractions away! If you are unsure, just ask. We will tell you if we can help you or not.

Canvas Wrap Style

The image wrap is when the image continues around the edge of the canvas. You will view it from the sides only. You can choose to wrap in these three styles.

canvas edges

MIRRORED WRAP is when the image is mirrored on the sides. Have you ever folded a piece of paper and painted a butterfly wing on one side, folded the paper back together and then opened the paper to reveal a butterfly? This is essentially how a mirror wrap works. This style does not work for everything though, especially faces close to the edge.... that looks really wierd!

GALLERY WRAP is when the image continues around the sides, perfect for when you want to continue your image around the sides of the canvas. Beware that when wrapping your image you will lose a couple of inches on either side of the image as it wraps around the sides.

COLOURED WRAP is used when mirrored or gallery won't work. Often white or black are popular choices for coloured edging but you are not limited to these of course. We can choose a colour from within the image instead.

Canvas Frame Depth

internal canvas box frame

Available in three depths including 22mm, 32mm or 38mm, this is the internal frame your canvas is stretched onto that is not visible from the front. They are designed so that they taper away from the edge so the canvas is not pressing on the frame and therefore viewable through the canvas. By default, we use 32mm depth.

Canvas Float Frame

stretched canvas with box frame

To finish off your canvas in style and give it that gallery look you can add an external canvas float frame. The float frames are available in a variety of depths, colours and styles. It is always best practise to think about this choice before printing your canvas because the float frame options will vary according to the internal canvas frame you choose.

canvas box frame profiles