Frameless Acrylic Photos


Frameless Acrylic Photos

The perfect solution for modern homes, offices or corporate spaces.

Our super-sleek, ultra-modern, frameless Acrylic photos will make a statement piece in any home. They are vivid and lifelike with a super glossy finish. You can choose between two styles of acrylics photos including with or without standoffs in each corner. Without standoffs gives the appearance as though the image is floating off the wall. See below for samples of the two styles.

We prepare all files for print.

Digital editing & file retouching service available.

Choose from two styles - floating or stand-offs

Super sleek, modern, high gloss and frameless.

Printed on Metallic Pearl for extra dimension



Panorama 1:3 Ratio
Panorama 1:2 Ratio
A3-A0 Sizes
20mm Acrylic Blocks

Which Acrylic Photo Style to Choose?

We have two styles of acrylics to choose from, with standoffs in each corner or floating. Both options include your image printed onto a Metallic Pearl photo paper to create a 3D pearlescent look.  We then mount the photo with an optically clear adhesive and then face-mount it to clear acrylic for optimum viewing.


STANDOFFS IN EACH CORNER -  This style has four pre-drilled holes in each corner to insert the standoffs. It is remarkably lighter than the floating-style with only one piece of acrylic instead of two. The acrylic is mounted to the wall through the hollow standoffs. Please note - You will need to purchase some appropriate screws to mount the acrylic to your wall.


FLOATING ACRYLIC STYLE - This style has the appearance of an image floating off the wall, there are no viewable fixings. To mount it to the wall we use a cleat hanging system which is attached to the rear of the image.


WHAT IS BEST? There are a few factors to consider here such as the image and where things are placed. For example, if a standoff impedes on an important detail, then floating would be the best option. There is also the environment to consider. For example, busy commercial spaces will benefit considerably from utilizing the standoff style for added security.  No matter the style you choose, both options look terrific.

View our gallery below to see the two styles, float or with standoffs