File Submission


File Submission Tips and Advice

To get the best printing results from your digital files, we have prepared the following tips and advice to help you along your journey. We stand by our high quality flawless prints and expertise, however, if you have a low resolution file or its blurry and out of focus, it will not yield the same results as a crisp, sharp, high quality file. If you would like help or advice on enlarging an image, please don’t hesitate to ask us for our expert advice.

CROPPING  – We recommend you crop your images to size at 300 DPI as not every file or format is the same. This ensures you retain all the important things in your image. You can crop your images using Lightroom, Photoshop or by ordering online using our online software.

COLOURSPACE – By default our printer prints in sRGB colour profile. We recommend you use the same profile. In the event you are using an Adobe RGB colour space, we can change the settings on our printer, however you will need to let us know as we do not check the colour space of every image that we receive.

DESIGNING WITH TEXT – If you are designing an image with text, place your text around 8-10 mm from the sides, you need to do this to avoid text to close to the edge or being cropped off. This happens because every image is blown up larger when printing to fill the frame.

FILE TYPES – we accept files with the extension .jpg, .jpeg, TIFF, PDF, PNG. All PDFs and PNG files will need to be converted to .jpg format prior to printing. We do not accept RAW, NEF, or PSD Files.

FILE RESOLUTION – We do not check the quality of all files submitted, this is the responsibility the person who submits the file. If you are seeking an enlargement and you are not sure of the quality and you would like assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

IMPORTANT ONLINE ORDERING TIP – If ordering online, keep a look out for a warning on images that don’t meet our recommended quality guidelines. If you are capable of cropping and resizing your images, crop to size at 300 DPI and zoom in to check your file.